Spray Adhesive for Hems

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Hemming tape as spray adhesive

For use with:
  • cotton, linen, felt, fabric patches and appliqués.
  • Suitable for virtually all hem serging.


    Shake the bottle well before use and intermittently during use.
    And cover the work surface.

    1. Iron the edge of the hem.
    2. On the reverse of the fabric, spray onto the hem (vertically), maintaining a distance of approx. 10 cm, until a white adhesive film is formed.
    3. Cover with a damp cloth or tissue paper and gradually apply pressure with an iron (ironing temperature •••) for 45 seconds.
    4. For a perfect result, allow the item of clothing to cool down for 30 min, laid flat.

    Contents: 125 ml

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    Product details

    0 cm
    iron, steam or dry with medium heat
    do not tumble dry
    40° normal wash


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