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Sewing package: Travel set – Travel the World

£ 10.60
This product hasn't been rated yet.  This product hasn't been rated yet.   

Summer time is holiday time! When travelling, you need a lot of little things, such as charger cables, memory cards and cosmetic items. A little pouch brings order to the chaos in your bag and is super practical. If you’re going abroad, you may also need a holder for your passport. This jazzes up your passport and is also a terrific idea for a present for anyone who’s embarking on a longer journey or a trip abroad.

The sewing package contains sufficient fabric for a passport holder and one or two pouches, Decovil as a reinforcing agent, two zips of different sizes (12 cm and 22 cm long), sewing thread and sewing instructions.

Skill level: very easy

» Sewing instructions passport holder

» Sewing instructions little pouch Easy
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Also available in other colors

Product details

100% Cotton
0 cm
colour mix
Skill level:
very easy


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