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Sewing machine "Brother XN 1700" + Starter set

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£ 119.00
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Starter set + "Brother XN 1700" sewing machine

This starter package contains everything you'll need to sewing straight away:
Some of the features the Brother XN 1700 sewing machine offers are 17 stitch settings, an automatic buttonhole maker and a mechanism that allows insertion of the bobbin case from above. Our lucky bag contains 3-5 randomly selected fabric lengths that are each 1 m long. These are supplemented by:
  • Gütermann Allesnäher (universal thread) in black and white
  • a seam separator
  • a set of Schmetz universal sewing machine needles
  • a pair of tailor's shears.
    There is also a myfabrics.co.uk - Gift cards £10 voucher.

    Off you go! Have fun!

    Read more about the "Brother XN 1700 1700" sewing machine here: Support
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