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HH 650 Volume Fleece – Vilene

This product hasn't been rated yet.  This product hasn't been rated yet.   

Medium loft batting, bonds two fabrics together in one operation. For quilts as well as for clothing.

lightweight to mediumweight fabrics

Product benefits:
  • can be ironed-on from both sides
  • efficient use with little wastage
  • two materials are ironed together in one step
  • pleasant soft feel, ideal for patchwork projects
  • washable and dry cleanable

    Method of use:
    1. Place the Vilene HH 650 between the two fabrics to be stuck together; make sure that there are no folds or pulls; it is particularly important to iron carefully.
    2. Cover with a damp cloth and press the iron for about 15 seconds, step by step each area.
    3. Tip: Secure the joined fabrics either by appropriate seams or through additional quilting.

    Important notice
    We recommend to test the products before starting processing.
    With waistcoats and jackets we recommend to test a sufficiently large area to check the adhesion and look of both fabrics.

  • Remnant
    60 x 150 cm
    We no longer carry this product.

    Product details

    150 cm
    Weight (g/m²):
    iron, steam or dry with medium heat
    dryclean allowed
    do not tumble dry
    30° gentle wash


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