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G 785 Woven Interlining – Vilene | 2

This product hasn't been rated yet.  This product hasn't been rated yet.   

Soft, lightweight and bi-elastic woven interlining for small parts of blouses and dresses as well as for front parts of jackets, coats etc. made of lightweight and/or elastic outer fabrics

Delicate, flowing fabrics such as silk, viscose, acetate and cupro; also for elastic and transparent fabrics

Product benefits:
  • two-way stretch
  • excellent hold on difficult fabrics such as e.g. viscose, acetate and cupro, even coated fabrics
  • comfortable to wear
  • strong but flexible feel

    1. Like all interfacing made by Vilene, the interfacing is always cut in a lengthwise direction, and thereby follows the grain of the fabric.
    2. Using a low heat first slightly fuse the interlining in some places to prevent any warping. Iron setting: silk
    3. Then slowly glide the iron so that each area is exposed to the heat for approx. 8 seconds. Iron setting: cotton. Iron dry or with steam, depending on the fabric
    4. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

    Important notice:
    Before you start processing the interlining, we recommend making an ironing sample to check the handle and the bond.

  • Remnant
    90 x 90 cm
    We no longer carry this product.

    Product details

    90 cm
    Image section:
    Width: 25 cm
    Height: 25 cm
    iron, steam or dry with medium heat
    dryclean allowed
    do not tumble dry
    30° gentle wash


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