Hot Spots Small, 5 x DIN A4 – Vilene

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Thermoplastic adhesive dots for the universal transfer of designs and applications on textiles for garment, handicrafts, interior decoration, etc.

all fabrics, pecially suitable for elastic fabrics

Product benefits:
  • Universal transfer of designs
  • especially suitable when soft and textile properties are requested
  • Elasticity of the outer fabric is preserved

    Transfer of cut shapes:
    1. Draw the outline of your desired shape on the brown transfer paper (smooth side). Cut along the drawn line, place the shape spot side down onto the right side of the fabric or project.
    2. Iron step by step. Remove the brown transfer paper when it is lukewarm. The clear spots of glue will be transferred.
    3. Decorate the transferred adhesive spots with transfer foil, glitter powder, or sequins. Cover with non-stick baking paper and iron step by step.

    Transfer of images:
    1. Draw the image on baking paper (coloured pencil, chalk etc.).
    2. Draw the outline of your design on the Hot Spots transfer paper, cut it accordingly and transfer the adhesive dots as explained above. ATTENTION: Design is applied as a mirror image.
    3. Place the painted side of your design down onto the transferred adhesive dots and iron step by step.
    4. After the paper has cooled down, remove paper.
    5. Decorate with transfer foil or sequins and iron step by step (as explained above).

    Important: You get a fine-grained image with Hot Spots Small.

    Measurement: 5x DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm)

    Hot Spots – Transfer of motives on textiles

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    Product details

    0 cm
    iron, steam or dry with low heat
    dryclean allowed
    do not tumble dry
    30° gentle wash


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