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Baby and child

Before you know it, someone in your friends’ circle will be having a baby and you’ll be looking for just the right present for the new parents. And what can new parents always use? That’s right – baby clothes. But sticking to the safe and easy option and just gifting a romper suit is also a tad impersonal. Something you’ve made yourself is so much nicer. In our inspiring Baby and Child range, you’ll find all you need for your next baby or child sewing project. The skin of babies and children is particularly sensitive, and when you’re making clothes for them, you should be very picky about the quality of the fabrics. When it comes to baby fabrics, in particular, it’s important that they contain absolutely no hazardous substances whatsoever. These are used in dyes, among other things.  These are both best catered to by natural fabrics. This is why we have pre-selected a few for you here.

Learn more about our children’s and baby fabrics

  • GOTS – Organic...

    GOTS – Organic Cotton Tula Kids – Retro Fox
    from £ 7.95/m
    140 cmcream100%Organic cotton
  • Cotton Stamp Z...

    Cotton Stamp Zoo 2
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmblue100%Cotton
  • Cotton Elephan...

    Cotton Elephant 3
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmgrey100%Cotton
  • Bio Single Jer...

    Bio Single Jersey 3
    from £ 9.95/m
    145 cmblack100%Organic cotton
  • Bio Single Jer...

    Bio Single Jersey 4
    from £ 9.95/m
    145 cmwhite100%Organic cotton
  • Bio Single Jer...

    Bio Single Jersey 1
    from £ 9.95/m
    145 cmlight grey100%Organic cotton
  • Jersey Maritim...

    Jersey Maritime Boat
    from £ 12.95/m
    150 cmsand95%Cotton5%Spandex
  • Owly 1

    Owly 1
    from £ 9.95/m
    140 cmsand100%Cotton
  • Cotton Owl & B...

    Cotton Owl & Bird 2
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmoffwhite100%Cotton
  • Cretonne Open ...

    Cretonne Open Water 2
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmsteel blue100%Cotton
  • Jersey Stripes 7

    Jersey Stripes 7
    from £ 11.95/m
    155 cmnatural95%Cotton5%Spandex
  • GOTS – Organic...

    GOTS – Organic Cotton Tula Kids – Polar Bear 2
    from £ 7.95/m
    140 cmlight blue100%Organic cotton
  • Bio Single Jer...

    Bio Single Jersey 2
    from £ 9.95/m
    145 cmoffwhite100%Organic cotton
  • GOTS – Organic...

    GOTS – Organic Cotton Tula Kids – Flamingo 2
    from £ 7.95/m
    140 cmblack100%Organic cotton
  • Polyester flee...

    Polyester fleece fabric Dots 5
    from £ 10.95/m
    145 cmpeppermint100%Polyester
  • Classic Dots 0...

    Classic Dots 0,2 cm, 25
    from £ 5.75/m
    140 cmaubergine100%Cotton
  • Cotton Dorina 1

    Cotton Dorina 1
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmlight blue100%Cotton
  • GOTS – Organic...

    GOTS – Organic Cotton Tula Kids Prickly Hedgehog 2
    from £ 7.95/m
    140 cmturquoise100%Organic cotton
  • Cotton Seal 7

    Cotton Seal 7
    from £ 9.95/m
    160 cmgrey100%Cotton
  • Classic Cotton...

    Classic Cotton 14
    from £ 4.49/m
    140 cmnavy blue100%Cotton
  • Jersey Maritim...

    Jersey Maritime Seagull
    from £ 12.95/m
    150 cmsand95%Cotton5%Spandex
  • Bio Single Jer...

    Bio Single Jersey 6
    from £ 9.95/m
    145 cmblue lilac100%Organic cotton
  • GOTS – Organic...

    GOTS – Organic Cotton Tula Kids – Polar Bear 1
    from £ 7.95/m
    140 cmnavy blue100%Organic cotton
  • Classic Stars ...

    Classic Stars 0,8 cm, 11
    from £ 5.75/m
    140 cmbeige100%Cotton
  • Classic Stars ...

    Classic Stars 0,8 cm, 5
    from £ 5.75/m
    140 cmnavy blue100%Cotton

Only the best fabrics for the little ones

It goes without saying that any mention of natural fabrics presupposes a discussion about cotton fabrics. These are probably the best known natural fabrics and also the ones that are most frequently used. Also brilliantly suited to baby fabrics:  left in their natural state and not dyed using aggressive chemical procedures. You’ll find most of the stock in our wide range of fabrics is composed of 100% cotton fabrics. One of them being Tula, our proprietary brand. We guarantee regular inspection for hazardous substances in accordance with the ECO-TEX standard for all Tula fabrics. Moreover, you’ll also be provided with a colour-fastness and wash guarantee so that you can be sure that the fabrics won’t run or shrink by more than 3% once they’re washed. And what also makes them eminently suitable for baby fabrics is that they’re snuggly-soft. This makes them perfect for babies’ and children’s clothing.
But the options offered by our baby fabrics don’t just stop at clothing. Because with our selection of fabrics, you can design your baby’s room yourself. Our fabrics for babies and children are also brilliantly suited to making curtains or cushion covers. You can also fashion cosy and cute bed linen from our fabrics. So that you conjure up a dreamy world for the little ones.

Dressmaking patterns – Ideas to delight your baby or child

Our dressmaking patterns aren’t just valuable sewing aids; they also provide inspiration for your next sewing project. Particularly if you’re on the lookout for a present for new parents. That is when our Baby and Child dressmaking patterns provide perfect prototypes. Cute baby booties or a baby nest that baby can snuggle down in are a joy to any parent.

Colour options that know no bounds: sewing accessories from

Of course, clothing and other sewing projects for baby and child should always be nice and colourful. In keeping with the cheerful disposition of the little ones. But so that it’s not overwhelming, it’s best to keep it to small accents here and there. This is why we’ve sourced the most colourful sewing accessories that we could.

Warm wool for the little ones

Guaranteed to be skin-compatible, free from hazardous substances and easy-maintenance: That’s our wool for babies and children. And what’s more, it’s simply perfect for keeping the little ones warm in winter. Moreover, our baby wool consists of a blend of merino wool and polyamide. This makes it especially soft. So there won’t be any complaints about scratchy pullovers.