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It is the all-around talent among cotton fabrics: Bunting. Whether for covering furniture or for sewing curtains, bedding, or clothing, bunting is a popular first choice for many of its fans.


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The fabric:

Bunting is a plain weave cotton fabric which can be worked easily and used for many purposes.


Care instructions:

Cotton bunting is best preserved when washed at a maximum of 40°C, since otherwise the colours may fade. In order to further preserve colours, colour-safe washing powder should be used. Long-term exposure to sunshine should be avoided, since printed colours may change or fade.


Production advice:

Bunting is very robust and is suitable for beginning sewers especially. Multiple correct removals of seams are usually not a problem for this fabric, without leaving conspicuous stitches. For projects using bunting, a needle thickness of 70 to 80 and a normal thickness of thread are recommended, e.g. Gütermann all-purpose thread or overlock thread on large spools.