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Classic Cotton

Classic Cotton

Here, you will find our wide selection of solid-coloured Classic Cotton fabrics. This high-quality cotton range with a superb price-performance ratio comprises classic, medium-weight cretonne weaves and is available in a wide variety of colours. What's so special about our new Classic Cotton fabrics is that you can find them in the same shades, both in solid colours and as patterned variants, with motifs such as stripes, dots, hearts and stars or bearing the trendy chevron design.


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What are the characteristics of the Classic Cotton fabrics?

The Classic Cotton fabrics come in a durable, plain weave. They are made from 100% cotton, are soft to the touch and, accordingly, have a beautifully soft drape. The Classic series from is certified in accordance with the Eco-Tex 100 standard, thus, the fabrics are comfortable against the skin.


What can I use Classic Cotton fabrics for?


Fabrics from the Classic Cotton series can be used to make clothing as well as furnishings. The lightweight fabrics are easy to work both for sewing newbies and for experts, and they can be used in a variety of projects, such as when making dresses, skirts or bags. But that's not all: You can make tablecloths and curtains from this practical cotton fabric, too. Classic Cotton fabrics are great for pocket linings, too. Because of their quality and special range of colours, they are also perfect for patchwork or quilt projects.


What makes Classic Cotton fabrics special?


During manufacture of the Classic Cotton fabrics, care is taken to ensure that the shades of the solid-coloured fabrics exactly match those of the printed fabrics within the same series. This colour coordination ensures that these fabrics are particularly suited to patchwork projects or other sewing projects in which the colours are supposed to be precisely coordinated. Classic Cotton fabrics can be brilliantly colour-coordinated with the cotton fabrics from the Tula Cotton label.


What are the care instructions for the Classic Cotton fabrics?


To preserve the colour and weave of the Classic Cotton fabrics, wash them as you would other cotton fabrics – at a maximum temperature setting of 40 °C. Aggressive detergents and bleaching agents should not be used to wash the fabrics. Colours or prints may fade if exposed to intense sunlight. The Classic Cotton fabrics from can be tumble dried at a low heat setting. The colours do not bleed during washing. Our washing trials have yielded a maximum fabric shrinkage rate of 2%. uses cookies to guarantee the best possible service for you. By continuing to use the website, you are consenting to the use of cookies.