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Here, you'll find free sewing tutorials helping you to give your home that perfect country cottage look. You'll find something for every nook and cranny. We've got sewing tutorials specially for your kitchen that show you how to make a nostalgia-laden, country cottage-styled retro apron yourself in a few simple steps. But we've also got variants for seating that can immerse you in the country cottage ambience. Learn here how to make a decorative cushion as well as a gorgeous patchwork throw . To ensure that we've also catered to your health and wellbeing, we've also got sewing tutorial for a retro bolster. This doesn't just support the nape of the neck, it also looks good and finishes off your home's country cottage styling to perfection. Just try these out.

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These free sewing tutorial for a bolster show you, in a few easy steps, how to make a useful and restful cushion all on your own. The clincher is that this bolster doesn't just support the neck; its nostalgia-laden retro-styling makes it oh-so decorative, too. This cushion is sure to sit just right on your sofa or armchair. Both are styled so as to have a certain country cottage feel to them. But you're the one who gets to decide exactly how it should look; sewing instructions provided by leave it entirely to you to create your own designs!
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Our free sewing tutorial for an apron show you how to create a country cottage feel in your kitchen, too. For honest-to-goodness country fare, you need the right gear – and that begins right here, with you. So learn here how to make this stylish apron yourself. The lovely lace at the base of the apron gives it a nostalgic feel. But that's not written in stone.  Because, as with all of our sewing instructions, you are entirely at liberty to choose fabrics and other materials, allowing you to make this apron to your exact taste!
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Our free sewing tutorial for a cushion show you how to retro-style your sofas, armchairs and chairs so as to give them that nostalgic, country cottage feel. Here, you'll learn how to make a very decorative cushion in a few simple steps. If you need something in your living room that really catches the eye, these retro cushions are just what you're looking for. They fit seamlessly in any interior space, making them able to accentuate any setting brilliantly. This applies to any interior design style, as you are free to determine how it's to be crafted. Simply browse the range at and you will find the right fabric for a cushion that matches your seating.
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Our free sewing instructions for a patchwork throw show you how to put together a decorative throw using a variety of fine fabrics. This doesn't just look good; it's comfortable, too, and will keep you snug on cold autumn and winter days. Just right for re-creating a real country cottage feel. There's nothing nicer than having a nibble and a steaming mug of tea, while enveloped in a patchwork throw by the window on a stormy autumnal day, and watching the leaves tumble by...You're entirely at liberty to make this the way you like. You can look for fabrics for a patchwork throw just as the fancy takes you!  People look forward to autumn. uses cookies to guarantee the best possible service for you. By continuing to use the website, you are consenting to the use of cookies.