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Dupion silk

Dupion silk
Dupion silk is classed as a plain-weave silk fabric. Its weft has pronounced irregularities. These irregularities arise from the origin of the thread. The weft thread is obtained from so-called double cocoons (thus also the name, derived from the Latin duplicato). These cocoons contain two larval worms that have pupated together and whose threads are then reeled. The filament of the warp threads is predominantly derived from pure mulberry silk. These two filaments give rise to an irregular surface. Because of this irregular surface that is typical of raw silk, clothes made of Dupion silk have a terrific texture.

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Dupion silk is obtained either from double cocoons (also called Dupion cocoons), a combination of double and single cocoons or only from a single cocoon, the filaments being reeled so as to take on the typical surface texture. Generally, a distinction is to be drawn between two qualitative variants of Dupion silk. The first is Indian silk, which is somewhat coarser, and the second is Chinese silk, which is a great deal finer. The typical surface texture of Dupion silk has a further pleasing quality. During the dyeing process, Dupion silk can assimilate a great deal of colour and is, therefore, very intensely shaded. Thus, you can use Dupion silk to tailor anything that can take a real swoosh of colour and that is intended to stand out! Tailor a fine blazer for yourself for your next evening at the concert, or perhaps an elegant evening dress for the family festivities. The intensity of the colour will make you the cynosure of all eyes right through the party season. But intensely-coloured Dupion silk is brilliant for furnishings, too. Curtains, cushions or throws will give your interiors a splendidly warm dash of colour. Be creative and just experiment a little.
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