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Linen Coarse

Now buy high-quality coarse linen fabrics as piece goods at  Coarse linen scores points because of its distinct texture, durability and superb versatility.

  • Linen Coarse 6

    Linen Coarse 6
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmbeige100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 8

    Linen Coarse 8
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmgrey100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 5

    Linen Coarse 5
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmwhite100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 9

    Linen Coarse 9
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmblack100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 14

    Linen Coarse 14
    from £ 10.79/m
    140 cmwhite100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 3

    Linen Coarse 3
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmsignal red100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 7

    Linen Coarse 7
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmchocolate100%Linen
  • Ecorce 3

    Ecorce 3
    from £ 24.95/m
    150 cmwhite100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 11

    Linen Coarse 11
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmpink100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 12

    Linen Coarse 12
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmpastel green100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 1

    Linen Coarse 1
    from £ 14.95/m
    139 cmroyal blue100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 10

    Linen Coarse 10
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmbaby blue100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 17

    Linen Coarse 17
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmlight yellow100%Linen
  • Ecorce 2

    Ecorce 2
    from £ 24.95/m
    150 cmsalmon100%Linen
  • Ecorce 1

    Ecorce 1
    from £ 24.95/m
    150 cmsalmon100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 18

    Linen Coarse 18
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmorange100%Linen
  • Palazzo 1

    Palazzo 1
    from £ 32.95/m
    180 cmbeige100%Linen
  • Linen Coarse 13

    Linen Coarse 13
    from £ 14.95/m
    140 cmpastel mauve100%Linen
  • Palazzo 2

    Palazzo 2
    from £ 32.95/m
    180 cmdark grey100%Linen
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Coarse linen is greyish-brown in its natural state, turning cream to  snow-white depending on the level of bleaching. The characteristic by means of which linen fabrics can be identified is the nubby surface of the weave. This results from the linen yarn not being able to be spun uniformly. This nubby property is often imitated by other raw materials that present cost-effective alternatives and are then termed "linen-like" or "linen-look". Because they are only marginally elastic, coarse linen fabrics tend to crease heavily. This effect is a qualitative feature and is highly desirable. The more linen is used, the softer and lighter it becomes, and the creasing diminishes.



Linen has a number of advantages over cotton: The linen variant that is smooth and has a sheen is resistant to dirt and is not prone to pilling. Coarse linen is particularly hardy and durable. Since the fibres can be very finely spun, it is particularly well suited to table linen and clothing.  Linen can also be washed and ironed at high temperatures and, compared with cotton, is significantly less sensitive to detergents of all sorts. Linen fabrics have a cooling effect.



Easy-care linen fabrics should be washed at a temperature setting of 40 °C in the delicates' wash cycle. The washing temperature should be adjusted for refined linen fabrics.  It is better to have delicate items such as blazers, coats and suits laundered since these may lose their shape during washing.



Coarse linen is very durable and is therefore particularly suited to items in daily use, such as dishcloths, table linen and bed linen. Solid-coloured linen fabrics can be tailored in any direction. A thicker needle (needle width 90) and standard polyester sewing thread can be used for coarse linen. The rule of thumb for the stitch length is: Sew fine linen using small stitches (stitch length approx. 2 mm) and coarse-weave linen using larger stitches (stitch length approx. 3 mm).



Coarse linen is obtained from the flax plant and remains the second most important textile raw material of plant origin, after cotton. During harvesting, the linen plants are drawn out of the soil by their roots using special machines, since the linen fibres would be destroyed upon reaping. Extraction of the linen fibres from the woody flax stalks is an arduous task. The straw-like flax must first be "roasted" in the fields before the fine linen fibres can be worked loose.