Sew a dog cuddly toy: "WUFFL" paper pattern | Kullaloo

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In this lovingly designed brochure in A4 format you will find a paper pattern including sewing instructions for the sweet "Wuffl". You can start right away without having to print out! The brochure also contains many photos to help you sew.

In order to sew Wuffl, you should have sewing experience.

Material required
  • Instructions only in German
  • fabric for body and head, limbs, ears and tail, 75x85 cm
  • fabric for the inner ears, 20x30 cm
  • leftover fabric for the nose, 3x6 cm
  • leftover fabric for the eyespot, 3x3 cm
  • leftover felt for the eyes, 3x4 cm
  • embroidery thread for the light spots,20 cm
  • embroidery thread for the eyebrows, 20 cm
  • filling granules, 
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 cm