Stitch-n-Tear Solufix - Vilene

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Water soluble and self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer - no adhesive spray necessary. for all machine embroideries, new creative techniques and ideal sewing aid for mini-quilts.


Almost all fabrics

Product benefits:
  • cold-water-soluble
  • self-adhesive


    1. Use Solufix as the base for the CRAZY-Technique. The desired and individual design sticks on Solufix and can be processed without any problems.
    2. Place a layer of Solufleece on top and stitch all layers together – criss-cross or in a grid.
    3. Wash away Solufix and Solufleece in lukewarm water – done.

    Important: Do not iron or tear off!

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    50 x 45 cm
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    Product details

    100%Polyvinyl alcohol
    45 cm
    do not iron
    do not tumble dry
    hand wash


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