Crafting and sustainability – they simply go hand in hand!

As DIY enthusiasts, we are champions at reusing leftovers! But what else can we do to make our favourite hobbies even more sustainable? Which products are actually sustainable and how can we be use resources more sparingly in our everyday lives? We have put together plenty of creative guides, sustainable products and useful information on the topic of sustainability.


Did you know that...

... is GOTS certified? Not only do we sell over 500 different GOTS certified fabrics, as a company we are also committed to a socially responsible, environmentally friendly supply chain. More information can be found on our GOTS page.

... our shipping boxes are made from 30% grass paper? This means we are using more environmentally friendly resources for every parcel. Even our shipping bags are now made from 100% recycled LDPE, allowing us to support the recycling economy!

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