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Perfect Hem is ideal for soft hems, e.g. of blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, and coats. Consists of 2 woven bands, one above the other – each with the adhesive interfacing on the outside – which are joined together using a blind stitch.

almost all fabric types

Product benefits:
  • perfect, invisible hems
  • efficient use
  • also ideal for use on stretch materials

    1. Finish the hem edge, fold over hem and iron (min. 4 cm), re-open the hem
    2. Insert Perfect Hem, the narrow side interfacing up, place the visible blind stitch on the inside with the invisible side on the outside.
    3. Using a damp cloth carefully iron each area for approx. 10 seconds.
    4. Any imprints can be removed by ironing beneath the upper hem edge with the tip of the iron.

    Important notice:
    We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

    Contents: 40 mm x 3 m

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    Product details

    100% Polyester
    4 cm
    iron, steam or dry with medium heat
    dryclean allowed
    do not tumble dry
    30° gentle wash


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