278 Soya Mix - Vilene

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278 Soya-Mix is a light weight needle punched batting in a 50/50 blend of soya and cotton fibres. Softer and smoother than traditional waddings/battings. For large area applications such as light weight jackets, quilts and wall plaids.

Fabrics: all fabrics

Product benefits:
  • soft and lightweight
  • soya fibres are a natural product and also antimicrobial

    Fabrics: all fabrics

  • Please be aware not to leave more than 20 cm between the stitching during sewing.
  • We would advise to pre-wash the material if you want to make sure the material will not shrink later on in the process. After washing please do not twist or squeeze the material in wet condition but allow to dry flat.

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    150 x 152 cm
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    Product details

    152 cm
    Weight (g/m²):
    do not iron
    do not tumble dry
    30° gentle wash


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