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It’s always an exciting day. There’s a frantic search for everything... You can’t afford to be late... After all, school’s starting again! Once the chaos has passed, sheer delight takes over. Especially the very first day of school, when you go in to enrol, remains pleasantly etched in the memory forever. For the little ones, of course, this also has a lot to do with the presents that come with it! To make the first day of school truly unforgettable, our inspiring “Start-of-school” section offers you everything you’ll need to make your presents for the first day of school yourself. Our selection of fabrics is aimed at somewhat younger schoolchildren. Their whimsical motifs can make any boring school day look a whole lot better!

You can read more about our start-of-school ideas here

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    • Buttons
    • Appliques
    • Haberdashery
    • Ribbons
    • Sewing Patterns
    • Fat Quarters
    • Borders
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    • Cotton
    • Ivory nut
    • Nylon
    • Polyamide
    • Polyester
    • Synthetics
    • Viscose
    • Wood
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    • black
    • blue
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    • Letters & Numbers
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    • Sports
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    • Unicolour
    • Vehicles
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    • Bags
    • Clothing
    • Outdoor Decoration
    • Table Decoration
    • Throws and Blankets
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    • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I
    • Oeko-Tex-Standard 100
  • Features

    • stiff
  • Feel/Hanging

    • firm feel
    • soft feel
  • Manufacturing

    • woven
  • Surface

    • double sided
    • matte
    • shiny
    • slightly shiny
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    • printed
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Fabrics to start school with!

Our start-of-school fabrics are particularly suited to little ones. The cheerful colours and whimsical motifs delight children’s hearts. We’ve also made sure to offer you fabrics that are as durable as possible. After all, children are lively, and clothing needs to be up to the challenge. This immediately makes a routine day at school so much easier. But they aren’t just suited to perfect clothing for the first day of school. You can also use them to work on smaller sewing projects for school supplies, too. Simply give it a go: the little ones will love it!

Sewing accessories to start school with!

So that your start-of-school sewing projects are realised to perfection, you’ll also find complementary sewing accessories here. Children, in particular, love amusing appliqués. You’ll find these in abundance here. Practical utility shouldn’t be ignored, though. When playing in the school playground, trousers invariably get a hole or two. That’s when appliqués can be incredibly helpful. But you’ll also find matching buttons and ribbons here that will give your sewing projects that final touch.

Dressmaking patterns to start school with!

There’s a particular look that’s needed when starting school. That doesn’t just apply to Mummy and Daddy on the day of enrolment, either! There’s barely anyone studying at school who doesn’t want to cut a figure and make a good impression with new, cool gear. Our dressmaking patterns offer you the perfect template for this. You’re at liberty to select the one that’s just right for you. Here, you’ll find dressmaking patterns for cheerful clothing and smart shirts that are just right for the start of school. But also for fashionable tops and trousers, so that you look good on the first day back at school after the holidays. uses cookies to guarantee the best possible service for you. By continuing to use the website, you are consenting to the use of cookies.