Bunting Fabrics

Our bunting fabrics can do more than the name suggests. Of course, you can use them to sew perfect buntings and banners. But if you want to get really creative, we suggest you consider some other possible uses. Our bunting fabrics are very lightweight, yet unbelievably robust at the same time. That's why they are perfect for making iridescent shopping bags. But because of their texture you can also work our bunting fabrics into tulle petticoats. You see, there's more than meets the eye to our bunting fabrics.

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Our bunting fabric is made from knit polyester. This gives it a lightweight, gossamer texture, yet makes it very durable.  It is, thus, ideal for use as ensigns and flags. Since the bunting fabric is very lightweight, it's easy to wave a flag crafted from it. Just imagine a trip to the football stadium. After all, a true fan would sew their club's flag on their own! The fabric can, of course, be used to fabricate other kinds of flags, too. The lightweight polyester fabric is also great for waving in the breeze if the flag isn't being flown from a mast. But other possible uses are also conceivable. For instance, you can also fabricate a banner for your fair booth using our bunting fabric. Since it can be printed in a very uncomplicated way by means of sublimation printing, it can accommodate any kind of message. The banners that are fabricated don't necessarily just have to be hung in front of your booth; if they are stretched, they can be brilliantly positioned over the top of it, too. With our bunting fabric, the message on your advertising banner can be taken outdoors, too...  This is because our bunting fabric is made of polyester, its properties being similar to those of cotton fabric.  It doesn't get soaked with water – a quality that is invaluable in rainy weather. This makes it just wonderful for garden furnishings, too. The next garden party you host can be embellished using this fabric, as can a pavilion or other garden structures that are in need of beautification.
You see, our bunting fabrics are true all-rounders. Our wide selection of colours leaves nothing to be desired. You can sew a flag in the colours of your club or a banner in your corporate colours. And don't forget the option of sewing a gorgeously coloured slip for your petticoat, or even a colourful shopping bag. Let your imagination roam free! The range of colours will be available only for as long as stocks last.