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Chambray is denim’s little sister! Use this soft fabric to sew lightweight, denim-look summer trousers, blouses or shirts. Chambray offers exceptional comfort especially for outerwear. The playful patterns in classic denim blue and white are also ideal for sweet tops and dresses. Discover your favourite fabric now!



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  • Chambray scattered flowers – light blue,
    Chambray scattered flowers – light blue
    £6.71/m £8.95/m (£4.69/m²)
  • Chambray Strawberries and Flowers – light blue/white,
    Chambray Strawberries and Flowers – light blue/white
    £8.81/m £11.75/m (£6.78/m²)
  • Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – blue,
    Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – blue
    + 1
    £11.75/m (£7.83/m²)
  • Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – navy blue,
    Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – navy blue
    + 1
    £11.75/m (£8.39/m²)
  • Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – midnight blue,
    Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – midnight blue
    + 1
    £11.75/m (£8.39/m²)
  • Chambray embroidered dots – navy blue,
    Chambray embroidered dots – navy blue
    £16.45/m (£10.97/m²)
  • Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – black,
    Denim-Look Cotton Chambray – black
    + 1
    £11.75/m (£8.39/m²)
  • Plain viscose chambray – light blue,
    Plain viscose chambray – light blue
    £12.65/m (£8.43/m²)
  • Washed chambray – denim blue,
    Washed chambray – denim blue
    £11.75/m (£8.10/m²)
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