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The time around Advent and Christmas is probably the time of year that sees the most decorations. After all, there’s a cold wind blowing out there, and your own home ought to be nice and cosy Apart from that, December is just one long period of preparation for the festival to end all festivals! A whole month in which you can perfect your decorations and furnishings with Christmas-themed fabrics. This is why you’ll find we stock heaps of Christmas-themed fabrics as piece goods, allowing you to give free rein to your creativity. Our fabrics offer you a wide selection of Christmas motifs. The types of fabric are diverse, too, and can be very decorative. Golden satin or blue velvet are just a couple of examples.

Learn more about our inspiring Christmas range

  • Tula Style – T...

    Tula Style – Tendril 5
    £ 9.89/m
    £ 5.85/m
    140 cmpeppermint100%Cotton
  • Cotton Twill 10

    Cotton Twill 10
    from £ 7.95/m
    145 cmslate grey100%Cotton
  • Sweet Bakery 1

    Sweet Bakery 1
    from £ 7.75/m
    160 cmpink100%Cotton
  • Tuffy

    from £ 9.09/m
    140 cmcream100%Cotton
  • Cretonne Salt ...

    Cretonne Salt & Pepper 1
    from £ 7.79/m
    160 cmmud100%Cotton
  • Cookie Jar

    Cookie Jar
    from £ 17.29/m
    140 cmcolour mix100%Cotton
  • Macarons 2

    Macarons 2
    from £ 7.75/m
    160 cmgrey100%Cotton
  • Cretonne Salt ...

    Cretonne Salt & Pepper 2
    from £ 7.79/m
    160 cmnavy blue100%Cotton
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Christmas-themed fabrics as piece goods: ideal for any project

Our selection of Christmas-themed fabrics offers you a zillion options. You’ll find an unbeatable variety of motifs here. Of course, the usual suspects are in there, too – the ones that always find their way into classic Christmas decorations. Santa Clauses, reindeer and fir trees are integral to Christmas – just like snow is to the North Pole. We also offer these Christmas motifs to you in a host of variants. A more whimsical comic variant for the children or a classic postcard design for aesthetes. You can make any decoration ideas you have a reality with our Christmas-themed fabrics. Because even the materials are varied. Fabric variants such as velvet or satin are incredibly decorative even without motifs. However, they’re only really suitable for clothing and curtains or drapes. But you can transform more robust fabrics made from cotton into Christmas-themed cushions or tablecloths. Bound to make your Christmas truly festive.

Christmas-themed sewing accessories.

For the perfect sewing projects at Christmas, you also need perfect Christmas-themed sewing accessories. We’ve put together ribbons, trimmings and buttons for you that complement our Christmas-themed fabrics perfectly. The ribbons and trimmings are dominated by the classic colours of Christmas, such as red, green, white and even blue. But you’ll also find the occasional gold glittery bauble in there. As you will in our range of buttons. For more subtle styling, you’ll also find buttons in a muted silver or in mother-of-pearl. Decorative to the core! The children are taken care of, too, with buttons shaped like a Christmas stocking or with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer as a motif.

Christmas-themed dressmaking patterns

You’ll find dressmaking patterns for Christmas here from Aunt Emma, Burda and the like. Along with decorative pieces, we also offer his and her dressmaking patterns here for a Father Christmas outfit! So if you want to surprise your children with a visit from the “real” Santa Claus, you’ll find the right outfit to do just that right here.