Creative way to give money

Creative way to give money


You would like to give some money but you don't want it to be a boring gift?! We have a cute idea for you how you can give money gifts in a creative way!

Schnittteile vorbereiten

Preparing your pattern pieces

Cut out the pattern and place the cut pattern pieces on the felt. It is best to fix them with a pin and then cut around the paper. The kangaroo's pouch looks best in a contrasting colour of felt.

Kopf besticken

Creating the face

Add a sweet face to your kangaroo using embroidery. We used a wool yarn to make the lines a little thicker, but you could also use embroidery floss.

Gluing it all together!

Gluing it all together!

Start by gluing the pouch to the kangaroo body, making sure to only put the glue around the edges on three sides (leaving one side free to put the money!). Glue the head, hands and tail behind the main body.

All Done!

All Done!

Let everything dry completely and you're finished! How quick and easy was that?