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  • Colour
    • blue 
    • green 
    • pink 
    • white 
  • Motif
    • Animals 
    • Checks 
    • Childrens designs 
    • Flowers 
    • Unicolour 
  • Use
    • Bed linen 
    • Blankets 
    • Clothing 
    • Pillows 
    • Tablecloths 
Type of fabric
  • Flannel 
  • Molton 
  • 140 - 149 cm 
  • 150 - 159 cm 
  • fleecy 
  • skintight 
  • velvety 
  • firm feel 
  • snuggly soft 
  • woven 
  • matte 
  • soft 
Textile finishing
  • printed 
  • raised 
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Flannel Fabrics

From sewist to lumberjack? Or the other way around? You can use our wonderfully light and slightly brushed cotton flannel to sew a classic flannel shirt or cosy bedding and comfy pajamas for cold days. Flannel fabric is brushed on each side, giving it a fluffy feel and look. As well as cotton flannel, you’ll also find fannel made from material blends on These are perfect for warm trousers, skirts or blazers.
  • Molton Solid 5

    Molton Solid 5
    from £ 8.95/m
    147 cmoffwhite100% Cotton
  • Molton Solid 4

    Molton Solid 4
    from £ 8.95/m
    147 cmwhite100% Cotton
  • Molton Solid 3

    Molton Solid 3
    from £ 8.95/m
    147 cmlight green100% Cotton
  • Molton Solid 1

    Molton Solid 1
    from £ 8.95/m
    147 cmbaby blue100% Cotton
  • Molton Bright 1

    Molton Bright 1
    from £ 8.99/m
    147 cmwhite100% Cotton
  • Flannel Steeri...

    Flannel Steering Wheel 3
    from £ 11.95/m
    145 cmturquoise100% Cotton
  • Molton Bright 2

    Molton Bright 2
    from £ 8.99/m
    147 cmoffwhite100% Cotton
  • Molton Solid 2

    Molton Solid 2
    from £ 8.95/m
    147 cmpink100% Cotton
  • Flannel Animal...

    Flannel Animals 1
    from £ 11.95/m
    140 cmlight green100% Cotton
  • Flannel Animal...

    Flannel Animals 2
    from £ 11.95/m
    140 cmpink100% Cotton
  • Flannel Checks...

    Flannel Checks Large 1
    £ 14.95/m
    £ 5.99/m
    150 cmanthracite100% Cotton
  • Flannel Checks...

    Flannel Checks Large 2
    £ 14.95/m
    £ 5.99/m
    150 cmlilac100% Cotton
  • Flannel Twill ...

    Flannel Twill Weave
    £ 14.95/m
    £ 6.99/m
    150 cmdark brown100% Cotton
  • Flannel Animal...

    Flannel Animals 3
    from £ 11.95/m
    140 cmlight blue100% Cotton
  • Flannel Steeri...

    Flannel Steering Wheel 1
    from £ 11.95/m
    145 cmsalmon100% Cotton
  • Flannel Orname...

    Flannel Ornaments 1
    from £ 11.95/m
    145 cmcolour mix100% Cotton
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The fabric:
Flannel is defined as a linen weave or twill weave product consisting of cotton or wool. It may be roughened on one side or both sides and is therefore thicker and softer than normal woven fabric, plus it is light-weight. Bedding made of roughened cotton is called beaver cloth. The name originates in the 18th century, when beaver fur was actually used for warm bedding.
Cotton flannel is often used to produce warm bedding and pyjamas, but it is also used for thicker cotton shirts. Flannel suit fabrics made of wool may also be lightly milled.


Care instructions:
As with all cotton fabrics, it is recommended that the fabric is washed prior to production at the recommended temperature, since it will shrink. Coloured or printed cotton flannel should be washed with mild detergent on a gentle setting at lower spin cycles (approx. 800 rpm). Bedding may be turned inside-out prior to washing to avoid pilling. Jeans should not be added to the wash cycle for the same reason.

Flannel made of 100% wool may not be washed in a machine. Slight spots may be brushed out after drying. Slight odours will disappear after a night of airing out. For tougher stains and odours, dry cleaning is recommended.


Production instructions:
Flannel is a normally strong fabric and therefore well-suited to regular needle thickness (approx. 70 to 80) and thread tension, and stitches should be made at lengths of 2 to 3 mm. A classic casting stitch, e.g. zigzag, is sufficient for either fabric quality (both cotton and wool), since these do not fray easily.