– proud owner of the GOTS certificate!


Why GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)?


We at hugely value the fact that you – our customers – use the many wonderful fabrics and materials from our range to create unique pieces that are put together with extreme care and attention to detail. Apart from that, clothes that are handmade fit perfectly. What more could one want?


We want more. We want the materials that you use to be manufactured with the same level of care and sense of responsibility, too. Because DIY projects are, in the real sense of the term, sustainable projects: We do not waste any resources in the process, nor do we pollute the environment. And so – why should we allow this to happen at the materials manufacturing stage?










The official short clip issued by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) provides you with all the relevant information you need to know about GOTS, delivered in an entertaining and comprehensible manner. The video describes why GOTS is important and what this standard checks and regulates.


GOTS is an internationally recognised standard that advocates an environmentally compatible and social production chain for textiles. In this process, GOTS does not just focus on sustainable production but, over and above this, establishes stringent regulations and directives for all operations along the value creation chain. The GOTS label is intended to reassure customers that the product has been manufactured in a socially responsible and environmentally compatible manner.


In order to achieve this objective, GOTS defines ecological and social criteria to which companies are required to commit. The use of organically cultivated fibres, the exclusion of environmentally harmful or toxic substances and the introduction of a minimum wage are just a small snippet of the binding criteria stipulated by GOTS. In order to guarantee compliance with this standard, all operations in the value creation chain must undergo an annual on-site inspection by independent audit institutions accredited by GOTS. In instances of doubt, in particular, unannounced checks are made, and if the criteria are no longer complied with, the company in question immediately forfeits its certification. You will find detailed information on the official GOTS website.


We at fabfab GmbH are delighted to officially be a part of this sustainable value creation chain from November 2015 onwards.

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