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Plush fabric is cuddly and soft. That’s why plush fabric is often used to make cosy throws, blankets or cushions. Plush fabric is a really versatile fabric. As well as blankets and cushions, this great value fabric can also be used to line children’s clothing. You can even make a new favourite soft toy from plush fabric for your favourite little customer.
  • Product category
    • Fabrics
    • Fat Quarters
  • Material
    • Cotton
    • Polyacrylic
    • Polyamide
    • Polyester
  • Colour
    • beige
    • black
    • blue
    • brown
    • green
    • grey
    • orange
    • pink
    • red
    • turquoise
    • violet
    • white
    • yellow
  • Motif
    • Animals
    • Childrens designs
    • Dots
    • Stars
    • Unicolour
  • Use
    • Baby Decorations
    • Baby clothing
    • Bed linen
    • Blankets
    • Children's apparel
    • Children’s decor
    • Clothing
    • Seating
    • Throws and Blankets
  • Type of fabric
    • Faux fur
    • Fleece
    • Jersey
    • Nap
    • Plush fur
    • Terrycloth
  • Width
    • 140 - 149 cm
    • 150 - 159 cm
    • > 160 cm
  • Features
    • 2-way stretch
    • festive
    • fleecy
    • skintight
    • smooth
    • soft
    • stretchable
    • stretchable. fleecy
    • velvety
  • Feel/Hanging
    • hangs well
    • snuggly soft
    • soft feel
  • Manufacturing
    • warp knitted
    • woven
  • Surface
    • double sided
    • matte
    • soft
  • Textile finishing
    • embossed
    • raised
  • Divisibility
    • Non-divisible
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The fabric:

Plush is a velvet fabric, just with a longer pile (pile length 1mm to several centimetres). As opposed to velvet, the pile of plush is less dense, yet very fleecy and soft. Plush is primarily made from synthetic fibres, sometimes also from cotton. It comes in unicolour or patterned. The most common weaves used are plain and twill, the latter producing a more dense pile finish resulting in a higher weight of the end product. The pile is created by working in a pile warp which is cut open and subsequently brushed with the grain. Plush is offered as a woven or knitted fabric.


Care instructions:

Plush can be washed at low temperatures but should preferably be washed by hand. The advantage is that the fabric stays fleecy and soft longer. Plush fabrics should not be ironed or put in the dryer. Just lay it out flat to dry and shake or brush it afterwards.


Production advice:

Plush fabrics - like all washable fabrics - should be washed before cutting, to remove surplus pile. The pieces should be cut inside up. Mind the direction of the grain when cutting, all pieces of the sewing pattern should be carefully aligned with the grain. We recommend using a high-quality polyester thread with a universal sewing machine needle size 90. Stitch length can be varied between 2.5 and 3mm. uses cookies to guarantee the best possible service for you. By continuing to use the website, you are consenting to the use of cookies.