Presser feet for Sewing Machines

If your sewing project is to proceed according to plan, your sewing machine will need to be equipped with a selection of presser feet. Perhaps you've already experienced for yourself how frustrating it is to simply let a sewing project slide because the stitch is just too complicated in the absence of the right presser foot. What you can bank on, however, is being able to implement the most magnificent sewing projects if you have a wide selection of presser feet to hand. A number of premium-quality sewing machines come equipped with a presser foot that is very versatile. To supplement this, why not order a variety of other presser feet from us to expand your portfolio!

We're outlining various types for you here


  • Presser Foot S...

    Presser Foot Set, 15 pcs.
    £ 39.00
    100% Metal
  • Teflon foot Sn...

    Teflon foot Snap-On
    £ 3.45
  • Embroidery and...

    Embroidery and darning foot
    £ 2.05
    100% Metal
  • Zip foot Snap-On

    Zip foot Snap-On
    £ 1.69
    100% Metal
  • Presser Foot S...

    Presser Foot Set, 8 pcs.
    £ 37.95
    100% Metal
  • Zigzag presser...

    Zigzag presser foot Snap-On 2
    £ 2.55
    100% Metal
  • Teflon zip foo...

    Teflon zip foot with base S518H
    £ 2.39
    100% Synthetics
  • Universal pres...

    Universal presser foot receptacle Snap-On
    £ 1.75
    100% Metal
  • Patchwork foot...

    Patchwork foot ¼, Snap-On
    £ 2.09
    100% Metal
  • Pfaff Straight...

    Pfaff Straight stitch foot
    £ 3.75
    100% Metal
  • Buttonhole track

    Buttonhole track
    £ 1.45
    100% Synthetics
  • Roller foot wi...

    Roller foot with base
    £ 4.59
    100% Synthetics
  • Brother F004N ...

    Brother F004N  Zip foot
    £ 3.55
    100% Metal
  • Roll hemmer 2,...

    Roll hemmer 2,5 mm Snap-On
    £ 1.29
    100% Metal
  • Roller foot Sn...

    Roller foot Snap-On
    £ 2.09
    100% Synthetics
  • Zip foot

    Zip foot
    £ 2.15
    100% Synthetics
  • Zigzag presser...

    Zigzag presser foot Snap-On 1
    £ 2.65
    100% Metal
  • Overlock foot ...

    Overlock foot Snap-On
    £ 2.09
    100% Metal
  • Brother F060 A...

    Brother F060 Appliqué foot
    £ 1.85
    100% Metal
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Types of presser foot
What you must know is the specific presser foot that you want to use for a particular stitch. Apart from this, you should also think about whether the presser foot is compatible with your sewing machine. The best way is to check the instructions for the types that are compatible with your sewing machine. Conversely, too, many presser feet come with information on the types of machine in which they can be used.

Straight stitch foot: As the name suggests, this presser foot is ideal for a straight stitch, but can also be used to top-stitch.

Zigzag foot: The zigzag presser foot has a wide recess for the needle's zigzag insert.

Decorative stitch foot: Clearly intended specifically for decorative stitching, such as is found on a curved seam.

Edge stitch foot: This presser foot is brilliantly suited to top-stitching edges but can also be used to sew on zips.

Hem foot: You can use this presser foot to finely take in the fabric's edge and top-stitch it or swiftly hem it.

Button positioning foot: This presser foot lets you position it directly on the button and attach it using zigzag stitching. Without feed coming into play.

Buttonhole foot: This presser foot has a small concavity that prevents the buttonhole from being flattened. This makes for a consistent feed without the annoyance of stretching.

These seven types of presser foot are just a small selection of what we have to offer. Our extensive range of presser feet includes the knit edge foot, the freehand darning foot and the piping foot. Ideally, just browse our range for a while; you're sure to find the sewing foot that you need!