sew neckerchief for babies

Baby Neckerchief in cotton fabric


This handy neckerchief is a quick and easy project. It is great for beginners and a great present. We made this neckerchief from anti-microbial Shield Pro Jersey. The benefit of this material: its surface is no breeding ground for bacteria. It is there for a lot more hygienic over a longer period. The breathable and durable material also helps regulating the body’s temperature and feels pleasant on the skin.

Cutting & Sewing

Cutting & Sewing

Cut the pattern piece on fold, right sides to right sides. Caution: the pattern does not include seam allowance. Please add your preferred seam allowance on the fabric! Sew the two pieces together, right sides facing each other. Leave an opening of around 5cm.

Turning (& optional top-stitching)

Turning (& optional top-stitching)

Turn the right sides out. Now you can either close the opening by hand, using a ladder stitch, or by machine, edge-stitching around the entire piece.

To finish your project off, attach the snap. Trace the button-placement from the pattern onto your piece and attach the button as described on the packaging.

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