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Sewing Tutorial - Gym bag

A gym bag isn’t just a great gift idea for children starting school. Young adults are also rediscovering this cool bag variant and using it themselves. Our bag also has a practical inner compartment, making it easy to quickly retrieve essential items like your mobile and keys.
Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at






1. Tailoring



Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at You will need three cut pieces for the gym bag: two cut pieces for the bag and one for the inner compartment. Feel free to select the size of the cut pieces for the bag yourself. Of course, a bag intended for children should be a little smaller than one for adults. We have opted for the following measurements: 33 cm x 45 cm. The cut piece for the inner compartment can be adapted as required (and to fit the mobile); in our case, we tailored the cut piece to 18 cm x 20 cm.


2. Serging the cut pieces and attaching the inner compartment



Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at You must first prepare the cut pieces such that they do not subsequently fray. To do this, sew along all the edges of the cut pieces using a zigzag stitch on a narrow setting. This will give you a good feel for the sewing machine, and you can practice guiding the fabric straight through the machine.


3. Inner compartment

Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at First, take in the narrow edge of the cut piece for the inner compartment by approx. 1.5 cm and secure this with pins. Then sew the fabric that you have taken in securely. After that, also take in the other edges by approx. 1.5 cm, secure them with pins and then pin the inner compartment to one of the bag’s cut pieces. It should be centrally positioned on the upper part of the cut piece so that the compartment can be easily accessed. Now sew the inner compartment to the bag, stitching close to the edge. While doing this, note that the compartment is subsequently to be positioned within the bag, so the inner compartment must be sewn to the reverse of the fabric (in cotton fabrics, the reverse is the non-printed side).


4. Sewing the bag and attaching the loops for the cord drawstring



Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at Now cut two lengths, each measuring 8 cm, from the cord. Then place the cut pieces of the bag on top of each other, finished side to finished side. Now pin the cord to the bag, forming a loop at a distance of approx. 5 cm from the lower edge so that the loop is positioned within the bag. Then sew the bag pieces superimposed on one another, allowing a clearance of 1.5 cm. To do this, top-stitch the areas with the cord several times, going to and fro so that these areas hold particularly well. With the seam, start at a distance of 5 cm from the upper edge.

If you like, you can now shape the bottom corners of the bag a little more. To do this, pull the corners apart such that a triangle is formed, and sew up the long side of the triangle. Then cut off the excess seam allowance.


5. Sewing the channel



Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at The bag is now nearly ready! All we need now is the channel for the cord on the upper edge. To tailor this, first take in the corner by approx. 1.5 cm and then by a further 2 cm. A small slit should remain on the side seams. First, securely pin this hem and then top-stitch close to the edge using the sewing machine.


6. Threading the cord through



Free sewing tutorial for a gym bag at Now all that you need to do is to pull in the cord using the safety pin, knot the ends - and your one-off gym bag is ready! So that your masterpiece doesn’t go missing, you can, for instance, very quickly iron on a name tag.
Have fun sewing!



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