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Craft Sets

Craft Sets
myfabrics.co.uk has something rather special for your craft needs: cheerful, colourful craft sets for felt dolls, felt animals and felt rucksacks. Each one of our craft sets is complete in itself, so you don’t need to provide anything else at all. The craft felt is also already contained in the package. This is, of course, especially practical if you’re going to be working on your project with children. They really do love being able to put their felt doll together themselves. But since the package contains some small components, parental guidance is advised. Our craft sets are best suited to children aged 6 years and above.

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Craft Sets

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Our craft sets will provide you with everything you need to implement great craft ideas.  This includes the right threads and needles, other accessories, a set of instructions and craft felt. Because we show you how to use felt in your craft projects. The instructions will show you how easy it is to make our felt dolls, felt animals or felt rucksacks. Once you’ve mastered this, you can develop your own ideas. So the thing to do is to browse our Craft Felt section. If you find a fabric here that you like, you can, for instance, design the felt doll quite differently. The felt owl is also great for this. With this particular variant, you’ve then got two options.
You’ll find we have a craft set for a cuddly felt owl and also one for a felt owl rucksack! The craft set for the felt owl rucksack also contains everything you’ll need. That means, aside from the usual items, such as needles for sewing by hand, sewing thread and buttons, the package also contains belt webbing and other accessories that you’ll need for a rucksack. The owl-design felt rucksack comes with vivid, neon-coloured accents. But don’t worry: Most of the rucksack remains a subtle brown shade so as to keep the colour spectrum balanced. The rucksack is sized at 22 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm. The craft set for the felt owl contains somewhat more subtly shaded accents but still looks nice and colourful so that it appeals to even the littlest of your tribe!
Aside from felt animals and felt rucksacks, you’ll also find felt dolls here. These craft sets are perhaps more suited to little girls. This also comes with needles for sewing by hand, sewing thread and instructions. Further accessories provided contain everything you’ll need to make the face. In this way, you can also guarantee that the felt doll always “walks around” with a smile on its face!
But you’ll find we stock even more craft accessories. Our exclusive offer to you: a myfabrics.co.uk craft box! You’ll find it contains all kinds of items that are just right for giving your craft projects that special finishing touch. The ribbons, buttons and appliqués that it contains are bound to be helpful. You’ll also find other useful things in our craft box, such as craft scissors and textile adhesive. But that’s not all. If you ever want to take a break from sewing, we’ve also included an interesting knitting set in the selection of items.
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