Sewing a lunch Bag

Sewing instructions Lunchbag


The lunch bag is your children's new breakfast friend! With some oilcloth and velcro, it's easy to create a sustainable alternative to sandwich bags and lunch boxes. Thanks to the coated material, the bag can be washed and reused after use. The advantage over classic lunch boxes: fold the bag to save space when it is empty. Perfect for full school bags!


  1. Transfer the pattern pieces to the fabrics: You will obtain a large pattern piece of top fabric, a large pattern piece of lining fabric and one rectangle repectively for the flap made of top and bottom fabric.
  2. Pin and sew on the Velcro strips according to the markings in the pattern.
  3. Place the cut pieces for the flap right sides together and overlap with a 0.5 cm seam allowance. Leave the bottom edge open and turn the flap over.
  4. Cut out the bottom corners in the outer fabric and lining fabric, place each right sides together in the fold and close the side edges. Iron the extra allowances apart.
  5. Pin the open edges on the bottom of the bag together and close.
  6. Then pull the pocket and the lining right sides together and pin together at the top edge of the pocket, sew one side together.
  7. Now turn the pocket over and push the lining into the pocket.
  8. Fold the seam allowances inwards on the side with the turning opening and join the flap here. Topstitch the flap and the pocket opening all around. Finished!

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